This was a beautiful remake of a jewellery box of unworn items. We wanted to create something bold, but simple. We had a bit more of a classic configuration of diamonds in mind, but the layout lent itself better for an east west oval pavé plate.

Having a little bit of flexibility with a remake design really helps when you have existing stones to work with, and it can really make the design pop. If you’re trying to fit odd sized and number of stones into something super symmetrical, it’s can be really tricky to make it look balanced. We originally didn’t have the silver rolls on the sides, but I was having a little play and showed my client and we both loved the chonk factor, it really frames the ring and sets the pavé plate off. Sometimes designs just evolve naturally, and they’re always better than my clients expect, particularly with this one 💫

My clients are usually open to suggestions with I just love, the trust and relationship we build together to create a beautiful story in jewellery.