Ethical Handmade Treasure Maker

Designed and created in an intimate studio in Ulverstone on the Northern Coast of Tasmania, Nicole Viney Jewellery offers a unique aesthetic that captures a freedom of spirit by reflecting the story of each individual piece of jewellery. Whether you’re searching for a newly created bespoke piece or interested in remodelling or redesigning a cherished family heirloom, I understand that style is largely influenced and inspired by a love of the natural environment and all the beauty that surrounds it. Original pieces are expertly fashioned using gems and stones that I have personally procured from across Australia, with the finished product reflecting my desire to break free of what modern, wearable jewellery should be; each creation genuinely encompasses the individual style and personality of its owner.

Custom Designed

Jewellery you design, to suit your personal style

Handcrafted in her Ulverstone studio, Nicole can create your unique ‘one of a kind’ piece or remodel a collection of heirloom items into a new masterpiece.

Jewellery Workshops

Learn the basics of working with wax to create a unique ring

Spend time with Nicole in a small group setting during a bespoke workshop, to learn about how lost wax carving works and come up with your own unique ring in a metal of your choice.