Welcome in Summer at about 11 degrees, boarderline snow storm and 1st day of Christmas trade. We actually may see a white Christmas this year!   Strange huh?! 

My last 2 insta posts with the green sapphires nearly broke my phone with the amount of love and enquiries about said pieces.  Those were both custom orders, but I will be making up my big 2.5ct sapphire baby and that will be available in store and online, as well as the smaller just under half carat green sapphires. I’ll definitely let you know when they’re available.  

I’m currently working on some over due orders, I have a few exciting pieces to share when they are back from setting. I’m slowly getting through the last  of my repair work, this is a service I wont be offering next year. I’m pretty stoked to have worked myself into a position where custom work and remodeling is my main source of income. I’ll still be offering general cleaning and Rhodium plating, but only repairs to my own pieces from now on. I have done repairs day in, day out for over 10 years, I feel my time is done for them for the moment.  This isn’t an easy decision to make, as I will let people down, but I need to focus on the things I enjoy the most, and thats not repair work.. sorry! 

Next year I will be focusing on creating original pieces for purchase,  the things I enjoy the most to make or just flow from my hands to the metal, sell instantly.  I need to align with what brings me the most joy in my work, having complete creative freedom to make things I love. I have made lots of amazing rings this year, but creating things I want to make, takes the cake. Clearly you love them, so treat yourself!! I will be exploring another Avenue so you can purchase my original work, up to $10,000 with low interest rates, so that will be a HUGE announcement if that all works out. 

I will be talking about what I’ve been working on more in depth on the blog, the highs and lows of the Christmas trade, less insta perfect and more of my actual thoughts. 

I will be open Monday- Friday 10am -5pm,  Saturday 10am-2pm and the last Sunday before Christmas. 

So, come say Hi! Make a purchase and enjoy my new journey as a “Blogger”!! 

Love Nic xx