Heya!! I’m really excited to share that I have Sarah Beckett joining me in the workshop part time. Sarah will be doing a lot of client liaising, sending out quotes, keeping the website spic n span and other administration tasks.

 I’ve been running the show solo now for 12 months and I’m spread pretty thin, quoting takes up a lot of time. People don’t really realise how much effort goes into quoting a job, I can’t just throw out a ballpark figure, because the variables change daily. I have been spending in excess of 10 hours a week quoting, which takes me away from creating and working at the bench. Sarah has a great understanding of gemstones and is currently studying to become a Gemmologist. So, sourcing and quoting is definitely Sarah’s thing!

With Sarah on board, it also means the shop can be open more for retail, but I will still only be conducting design consults by appointment only. So please don’t be offended if I can’t see you when you pop in. I’m working REALLY hard at sticking to schedules and meeting client expectations of having pieces finished on time. Sarah will be available to chat with and show you pieces in store, so make sure you pop in and get acquainted with her, some of my regulars have already been introduced!

Sarah has been a huge supporter of my business, being a client of mine while I was still working from home, which then grew into a common interest of gemstones and lots of chats about a career path as a Gemmologist. So this is a natural progression, for Sarah to join the crew, and she pretty much created a job for herself, being the chief organiser at NVJ, because lets be honest, I need the help haha!

Keep an eye out for the next blog post so you can get to know Sarah!

Thanks for tuning in!

Nic xx