I was really excited and a little nervous when I made this beauty, my client Rob had spent hundreds of hours collecting this gold himself. Wading the icy cold rivers here in Tasmania, collecting Alluvial Gold deposits. He is a keen prospector and adventurer, it’s only fitting his wedding ring is created from his finds.

I’m new to this particular method of casting, I only learnt it last year and havent used this method on clients work yet, but it was my only option for this make, to get the desired texture and to be able to use my clients own gold. I alloyed the pure gold down to 18ct, to make it more robust and stronger for daily wear, and polished the inside to a mirror finish, which isnt possible in 24ct, yet kept the outside a soft matte finish, keeping in line with the gold nuggets natural form. The ring looks like is has been been picked from the earth, natural and imperfect.

It took me a few attempts to get the correct mould, and I needed to repeat this whole process until I got the perfect pour, making some adjustments as i went. It was so worth it to see Rob and Erin’s faces, elated with his ring.

It was such a delight to make this ring, I had some self doubt in the beginning because this method isn’t automatic for me yet, like many other traditional methods of manufacturing, but I needn’t have been concerned, it was exactly what it was meant to be and I thoroughly loved extending my skill set.

Thanks for the opportunity to make such a treasured piece for you both, a new heirloom that is going to be enjoyed for a lifetime.