I had a challenging design to come up with for this custom make; the client had many stones in many shapes and sizes to use, and the aim was to use as many as possible.

Having two trillion shaped Tanzanites of different sizes meant we needed to find a way to make the ring look balanced so it was pleasing to the eye. Finding a way to use the baguettes was also tricky as they can limit designs.

I came up with this asymmetrical sweeping design in white gold to accentuate the Tanzanites’ colour. I was also able to keep the ring in a low profile so it was easier to wear as a dress ring.

Once i came up with the design I was honestly a little daunted about actually making it as it was outside of my comfort zone. Luckily it came together really smoothly, and it wasnt as challenging as I had made it out to be in my mind.

This piece helped me reflect on the growth of my skills; over the last 3 years I’ve grown considerably, and continue to do so. Thank you to my remake clients for allowing this to happen – often remakes involve challenging design briefs and materials to work with.

I’m looking forward to the new challenges ahead!