I’m so very excited to share some massive news! I purchased my very own commercial studio space, where NVJ will be moving to in a couple of months.
This new space has so much room, I will have a gloriously spacious workshop, amazing amenities and capacity to scale the business in the future. It’s an incredible opportunity, too good to pass up. Do not fret- it is just a mere 100m up the road towards the clock from where I’m currently situated. Just a quick walk across the traffic lights will get you there and with super easy parking right at the front door you will be sure to find us.

We have new windows and doors on order, new flooring has been ordered, new showcases are underway, with lighting and painting to come and fresh luxe minimalist boho vibes. We also have organised an absolutely amazing hero piece which we cannot wait to unveil once completed. We are hoping to have our grand re-opening during June or July, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

This is my biggest news to date, with so many exciting things happening for me and my humble little business; the pop-up shop that started for three months turned into three years in its current format and aiming for 30 years to come in our new home. Behind the scenes there was so much at play, Luke encouraging this growth, Sarah supportive and excited, as were my friends and family.

Due to this huge new endeavor, we haven’t taken on as many custom orders as usual because we will be need to closed for a week or so while we move the shop and workshop. At this stage we hope to open our next of consult bookings mid-late June, and we’ll have a dedicated luxe consult area by
then! As always, we have a range of unique pieces in store ready to go, and these will still be available during the time we are closed, via the website.

We can generally fit engagement and wedding rings into our schedule also- simply send us an email to start a conversation!

I also had the honour earlier this year of becoming part of the Australian Gold and Silversmiths Guild. Being a guild member is one of the most prestigious achievements you can make in the industry, and it has always been a huge goal of mine! I have my own hallmark stamp from the gold guild that will now be added to my makers mark on all my pieces.

I cannot wait to share the next stage of Nicole Viney Jewellery with you!
Nicole xo