At the end of May we got the keys to our brand-new store, and truth be told, it needed a lot of love to get it to where it is today. I went in with some clear ideas of how I wanted the space to flow and feel. The original walls were black, so a paint job was the first thing I booked in. We went with bright white walls and ceilings to make the space feel light and airy. We were lucky enough to commission Rhi Bloom Art from Hobart to paint a mural on the wall behind the counter. This mural’s textures and colours are what we based the whole shop around. We also added a scallop textured wall in a soft terracotta colour to add warmth to the space. The other major problem we faced were the old halogen lights. The constant buzz of the globes gave me an eye twitch that still is lingering. We had all the lights replaced with bright LEDs and the difference was immediate. By this time, we were nervously waiting for our new front window to arrive and for flooring to go down. It was a super tight timeframe in the end, but by the week of opening we were set. We spent the few days leading up to opening merchandising the store and opened on Friday evening to welcome those who had supported us into the space for a first look (and a few celebratory drinks). These renos couldn’t have happened without the support of some amazing local businesses, friends, and family. I’d like to thank each one of you for your efforts.

Speaking of our opening night – wow – it was an amazing night and we felt so loved and supported. We had photos and videos from Jade and Eden, beautiful music from Kitty Martini and Brad Von Rock, and some yummy catering from both Batter and Bloom and Thirty-Three Cups. The new space has been so well received by the community and I am so proud of what we’ve achieved. Now that we are next to Aviva Perfumery, it’s the perfect spot to do all your gift shopping for those special occasions, with easy parking right out front!

Just last week we opened our new lot of bookings for July and August. We are so excited to welcome you into our new consult area – we’ve been wanting to offer a more comfortable setting for quite some time now, so the new shop has ticked more boxes than one. Our next lot of bookings will likely take place in October.

Looking forward to welcoming you into our new space!