Excitement is building!!!!

With only days to go we are sooooo busy working on the website...getting all the product photos done and just basically remembering to breathe!  Nicole is CRAZY busy trying to fill orders that are needed before Christmas...  So if you walk past the Pop Up shop and see a crazy little elf running around...well that's Nicole!  Poke your head in and say Hi. Oh and before I forget .......if you're waking past -  BRING COFFEE.  Nicole is lactose free and I'm Soy.  Please and thank you ;)

In the meantime if you have any enquiries please send us a message and we will endeavor to reply very quickly.

Belle x  


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  • I love your designs ~ simply cannot WAIT until our vision to come to life.

    Thank you for being so patient with all my changes.

    • Letitia Manley